Tax Exempt Application Service
The IRS estimates that it takes up to 20 hours to complete the tax exempt application process. We can save you time and money.

Get your IRS 501c3 tax exempt status approved in as few as 3 weeks. Our 501c3 tax exempt experts help guide you through the complicated and tedious IRS system. Once you are approved by the IRS you can begin to collect donations and provide tax write-offs for your donors. To learn more about the benefits of IRS 501c3 status click HERE.

Tax Exempt Express helps to make sure that the proper paperwork is filled out correctly. If done incorrectly, the processing of your status can be delayed for several months. Delaying potential donations or causing the donors to be taxed on their donations. Don’t risk wasting time and money due to inexperience. Allow our tax exempt experts to help guide you. Call us or order HERE.


Having an active 501c3 status allows donors to receive a tax deduction, provides grant funding eligibility for your nonprofit, lowers postage rates, and increases credibility within the community.

No. Many people often mistakenly believe that when they start a nonprofit company in their state that they automatically have IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. This is not true. You must apply to the IRS in order to be tax exempt. 

Although there is no exact timetable for the approval process, it can take as little as 3 weeks. If the paperwork is done incorrectly it can take months to a year to receive approval.

Allow our tax exempt experts help you to save time and money.

Our fee is $999 (without a coupon). In addition, the IRS fee is $275. The total would be $1274.